Optogenetics - LED Light Sources and Fiber Optics

LEDs for Optogenetics   These devices enable activation of various Opsins (like Channelrhodopsin (ChR) and Halorhodopsin (NpHR) and many others) at freely-moving mammals through flexible fiber optics or at in-situ preparate under microscope at better than millisecond-scale temporal precision.

   Prizmatix versatile Optogenetics activation system includes Ultra High Power LEDs, Beam Combiners for multiple opsin activation, Fiber Optics and Microscope Adaptors for coupling to fiber or to epifluorescence port of microscope. Beam Switcher permits an easy switch between the two without a need to change the setup. Rotary Joint allows coupling of an optical fiber to a freely moving mammal.

UHP-Mic-LED Ultra High Power LED
light sources

  Ultra High Brightness LED light source modules available at 390nm, 405nm, 460nm, 520nm, 595nm, 630nm and White.    The UHP-Mic-LED modules are excellent light sources for Optogenetics, Microscopy, whole body imaging, chemical reaction activation and many others.
Microscope LED light sources for fluorescence excitation
  The new Prizmatix Modular Microscope-LED Light Source products series provides an affordable and expandable solution for fluorescence excitation in upright and inverted fluorescence microscopes.

Dual / Triple / FC-2-3-5-7-LED

  Fiber coupled Triple LED and Dual LED offer three or two wavelength mix in a single MM fiber. Such popular wavelength mix as 365nm, 405nm and 460nm and many others is now readily available.

Silver-LED high power Fiber coupled light source
Silver LED   These new affordable High Power fiber-coupled LED light source modules are effective replacement of lasers and lamps in many applications. Currently the Silver-LEDs are available at following wavelengths: 365nm, 390 nm, 395 nm, 400 nm, 405 nm, 410 nm, 415 nm, 460 nm and 530 nm and White (6700K)
Fiber optics prototyping blocks
  Affordable modular optical blocks include beam splitters, fiber couplers, various types of detectors and light sources. Easy interconnecting of OptiBlocks enable fast experiment setup as well as prototyping complicated photonics devices.
Custom electro-optics development
  If your research and development team need to be enhanced with electro optic knowledge, we will be happy to work in collaboration with your staff on any new development related to electro-optics.
Custom fiber optic assemblies    

  Custom fiber optic assemblies can be developed and produced according to your specifications. We have extensive experience in producing special fiber optic bundles for spectroscopy, bio-medical and clinical applications.

Black-LED high power Fiber coupled light source
  High Power fiber-coupled LED light source modules at 365nm, 385nm, 390nm, 395nm, 400nm, 405nm, 410nm, 415nm, 420nm, 425nm, 430nm, 435nm, 440nm, 445nm, 455nm, 460nm, 470nm, 480nm, 500nm, 515nm, 535nm, 540nm and 595nm are effective replacement of lasers and lamps in many applications.

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