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Prizmatix Ltd. specializes in ultra high-power LED illumination systems for microscopy and optogenetics as well as other scientific and industrial applications. Our systems incorporate the latest technology in packages that offer maximum versatility in light delivery and light sensing. We have a full range of products, including high-power fiber-coupled LEDs and UV LEDs.

We also provide custom development of various photonics products based on our experience in High Power LEDs, fluorescence microscopy, absorption, fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy, fiber optics techniques, Biophotonics, bio compatible materials and many other related technologies. We offer rapid development basing on our OptiBlocks fiber optics rapid prototyping system.

We welcome your inquiries for development of custom products or adaptations of our standard products to your specific requirements.


See some of our featured Products:

LEDs for Optogenetics applications - The modular Prizmatix LED sources equipped with Fiber Coupled Adaptor and other optional accessories are excellent tools for Opsin activation.
Read more on LEDs Sources for Optogenetics Experiments.

NEW ULTRA HIGH POWER Microscope-LEDs - The New Ultra High Power LED provides almost x10 increase of power in comparison with similar High Power LED devices.

Microscope LED light source for fluorescence imaging – The new Prizmatix Modular Microscope-LED Light Source products series provides an affordable and expandable solution for fluorescence excitation in upright and inverted fluorescence microscopes.

Black-LED – Compact High Power fiber-coupled LED light source modules at 365 nm, 385 nm, 390 nm, 395 nm, 400 nm, 405 nm, 410 nm, 415 nm, 420 nm, 425 nm, 430 nm, 435 nm, 440 nm, 445 nm, 455 nm, 460 nm, 470 nm, 475 nm, 480 nm, 500 nm, 515 nm, 535 nm, 595 nm and 630 nm are an effective replacement of lasers and lamps in many applications

MitoViewer MV-2 - Real-time assessment of mitochondrial function by NADH fluorescence in-vivo. To be used for assessment of tissue Ischemia, Hypoxia, Anoxia, Heperoxia or Hypercapnia in various organs.

Modular Fiber Optic Fluorometer - The modular fully user configurable fluorometer can host multiple light sources and detectors in numerous configurations. The system is equipped with modular electronics circuits that include LED drivers, PMT and photodiode amplifiers and A/D controller with USB computer link to LabView based software.


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