Light Sources for Optogenetics

Fiber Coupled LED Light Sources for Optogenetics In-Vivo

Prizmatix offers full range of products for Optogenetics in-vivo experiments: Fiber Coupled Optogenetics-LEDs, low friction Rotary-Joints, Implantable fiber optic cannulae, all fiber optic interconnect fibers and programable TTL Pulser. The high power Optogenetics-LEDs can be used for bi-lateral activation / silencing. The unique Optogenetics-LED-STSI can be used for activation / silencing at same cannula. Prizmatix optogenetics systems use high NA, light weight, flexible non-bitable polymer fibers rather than silica fibers. These fibers along with low friction Rotary-Joint enable to perform experiments with minimal discomfort.

1. Optogenetics-LED

High Power Fiber-Coupled LED source for in-vivo Optogenetics experiments. Featuring fast TTL switching and analog power control. Available at wide range of wavelengths.

2. Dual-Optogenetics-LED - 2 independent LED’s

Same as Optogenetics-LED but with two independent channels. Excellent for affordable scaling of Optogenetics  experiments.

3. Optogenetics-LED-STSI – for Stimulation / Silencing

Optogenetics-LED-STSI Light-Source is specially designed to provide Optogenetics Stimulation / Silencing to the same neural structure in freely moving mammals. The device combines two LEDs of different colors into the same single output fiber.

4. Optogenetics Cannulae

In house production of wide range of fiber implants. Customized protrusion available without additional cost.

5. Pulser / PulserPlusOptogenetic pulse generator

Visually programmable TTL pulse generator specifically developed for optogenetics applications. PulserPlus can work without computer.

6. Rotary-Joint

Extremely low friction rotary joint enable freely moving animal in-vivo experiments.

7. Fiber-Optics and Accessories

Optical fibers, armored fibers, cannulae sleeves, DIY cannula kit and much more.